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At Unmasked

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Halifax, West Yorkshire, we believe it is our duty to share our own life experiences by offering our mental health educational talks, training, peer-to-peer support and well-being reviews to employers of all shapes and sizes in the region. So they can be the best bosses they can be and support the mental health of their employees in the best way they possibly can.

Unfortunately, now more than ever before, Mental Health challenges are at the forefront of everyday life and in business too and it’s an area which sadly, is growing every single day. It’s quite clear to us that this is not going away anytime soon. We can and want to help.

A separate entity from Unmasked Mental Health the charity side, which hopefully, you’ve heard of. We’ve come together as a team, gathered our best people and put our heart and soul into the courses and training we provide which we know, is proven to help with absenteeism in the work place and very importantly, employee engagement. On a plus side for the employer, having these elements in place automatically results in more profits for the business as the employer and employee alike are more focused.

Unmasked Mental Health Charity

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